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night must fall

by Chiara Guidi with Scott Gibbons
a Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio production

Claudia Castellucci texts
Scott Gibbons music
Chiara Guidi direction, dramaturgy
Simone Marzocchi trumpet

voices and articulations:
Catia Gatelli
Luana Gramegna
Sabina Laghi
Pierre Lucat
Andrea Macaluso
Sara Masotti
Benedetto Sicca
Elisa Turco Liveri
Silvia Venturini
Vania Ybarra
Enrica Zampetti

Co-Production: Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio - Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione

Photo credit: Francesco Raffaelli.

voice of the moaning

On the occasion of the publication of the leaflet Vocem devorat dolor. Ecuba and the voice of the moaning by the philologist Roberta Ioli, the mythical character of Hecuba (Ecuba) is introduced on the flaming scene of the defeated Troy. The pain for the death of the children pervades her body and disarticulates it. The old mother loses her back which, like a tired wrapping, sags down on the floor; she loses her foot which doesn't dance, nor march or tread the royal floor, but only the dust of the ruins; she loses her voice and her capability of articulating words which escape from her throat leaving her dumb.

Only the cry lives in that mouth, the primitive and deformed shout. Only the memory shared in the women's lament can transform the upset moaning into the shape of a cadenced song which is re-consigned to the obscure and saving order of things.