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flame tornado

Kevin Binkert pyrotechnics
Scott Gibbons music

Binkert links:

  • SMP Machine
  • Survival Research Labs

    Production: La Biennale di Venezia

  • "flames whirled around in a circle faster than we've ever seen before, and in a Marinetti/Futurist way could only be described as 'beautiful.'"
    - V. Vale

    "'Pyro-expressionist' artist Kevin Binkert has worked for years with fire, shaping it like sculpture, taming the natural and spontaneous direction of the tongues and forcing them into the shapes he derives from the principle of fire choreography." (- La Biennale)

    Scott Gibbons works with the captured sound of Binkert's fiery performance to give an amplified composition of fire.

    Performances include:

    La Biennale di Venezia
    15-17; 24-25 September 2005
    nightly: 19.30h
    Venice [Italy]

    Festival VEO
    20-25 February 2006
    nightly: 19.30h
    Plaza Viriato
    Valencia [Spain]