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Imagined Compositions for Water

2002: Hushush, HSH13 (CD extra)

ICFW uses source audio and video recordings from Oceans-Rivers-lakes-waterfalls-etc, modified using analog & digital filters and effects, and only minimal computer processing to produce startling ar/rhythmic, timbrally rich, and microtonal music without synthesizers or traditional instruments. Homemade electronic controllers direct many of the effects. Featured at the 1997 ARS Electronica Festival (Linz).

Field Notes

1999: World Domination Recordings, WDM 10098-2 (CD)

A collection of live recordings including the Granular Synthesis Showcase (Chicago-'98), ARS Electronica Festival in (in a tunnel under the city of Linz, Austria-'98), Austria and the ESP Convention (Normal, USA-'97). Lilith exploit natural acoustic phenomena, granular synthesis, and use their own homemade synthesizers which respond to light intensity/movement rather than a traditional keyboard.


1995: Sub Rosa, SR 96 (CD)

A piece which exclusively utilizes the human voice in orgasmic state. The original recordings have been heavily processed, but without introducing any outside or synthesized sources. It was recorded alongside ORGAZIO but does not use that album's compositional blueprint.


1994: Sub Rosa, SR 76 (CD)

ORGAZIO is constructed around a piece of text by English writer and black mage Aleister Crowley. Two movements take a passage from Crowley's "Book of the Law" and apply it's formula to map pitch, duration, intensity, velocity, envelope; and to determine loop length, sample rate, and so on. Samples of Crowley's voice were used, as were radio signals from two pulsars, and various other related sound sources. Much of the frequencies and amplitude of this piece appear on the limits of audibility.


1992: Sub Rosa, SR 55 (CD)

STONE is a 74-minute work that was orchestrated using only stones, rocks, pebbles, etc. These were sampled and only minimally processed. The entire program was composed and recorded in 24 consecutive hours, at the Disciples Divinity House of the University of Chicago. Called "one of the most disconcerting records of the year," it was voted one of the Ambient Music newsgroup's top 100 albums.


1991: White Noise, WNCS 11 (ltd ed. 100 cass) as Laughingwind
Re-released on Le Gros Bit Ici: 1993

Selections from the audio track recorded at the MANTLE installation. The installation used video, music, scents, and environmental sculpture; and was constructed and operated for three consecutive nights at Knox College (USA).

Some Modes of Probability

1991: White Noise, WNCS 09 (ltd ed. 100 cass) as Laughingwind
Re-released on Le Gros Bit Ici: 1993

These structures were created by close-micing heavily processed hand-made instruments.

The Taboos of the Lashing Creeper
1990: White Noise, WNCS 08 (ltd ed. 100 cass) as Laughingwind
Re-released on Le Gros Bit Ici: 1993
Re-released on Ladd-Frith (LF94): 1994

Most of this material was recorded "live" in1987, utilizing found objects such as cardboard boxes, metal pipes, etc. The live piece draws on a text by Malinowski. A studio recording was inspired by Bergman's "The Seventh Seal."

Nipple Runs
1987: White Noise, WNCS 01 (cass)
Re-released on Le Gros Bit Ici: 1993

Homemade electronics, tape manipulations, and modified home stereo components were used to create a double album of audio collage. Originally self-released with "nipple runs" the only text on the cover.


Scott Gibbons aka LILITH
"Stone: reciprocal"
An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music Vol. 3
2004: Sub Rosa, SR220 (2xCD)

Collection of essential and influential recordings from 1952-2004. Deluxe package includes an informative booklet.

4 Ways of Saying H3O
1999: Hushush, HSH01 (CD)

A tribute to Andrew McKenzie & Hafler Trio which gives more than a nod to their "Masturbatorium" and "3 Ways of Saying 4."

"Activity Box (Live/Excerpts)"
L'Inacheve: the Unfinished
1997: Sub Rosa, SR103 (CD + LP)

Broadcast live from WNUR-Chicago. These pieces use common instruments such as voice, guitar, and hand percussion, as well as sampled acoustic sounds such as boiling water and Walty the cat. Most of the sound sources were heavily processed. Only very simple editing techniques were used such as channel switching, looping, etc.

"Activity Box (Live/Excerpts)"
Objekt 666
1994: Ladd-Frith, LF100 (ltd ed. 666 2xcass in gift box)

Slightly different version of the above.

"Activity Box (Live/Excerpts)"
Experience the NOW Sound of Chicago's HOT Wicker Park
1994: Terminus Projects Group (CD)

Slightly different version of the above two.

"Stone . Crystal (the 4th part of Stone)"
Continuum Asorbus 2
1995: Sub Rosa, SR85 (CD)

The 21-minute minimalist outtake from the "Stone Sessions," using only electrified quartz crystal to create dark ambience.

Man of Sorrows / A Sub Rosa Lexicon
1995: Sub Rosa, SR 84 (CD)

This compilation features tracks from recent Sub Rosa releases. The Lilith track is pulled from ORGAZIO and includes treated spoken word by Aleister Crowley.

Continuum Asorbus
1992: Sub Rosa, SR 57 (CD)

This is an excerpt from the MANTLE installation. The instrumentation includes hand drums, breath, bells, and synthesizer.

"Jast / John Henry / Pran Gity"
Objekt 5.5
1992: Ladd-Frith, LF 83 (cass)

Extracts from SOME MODES OF PROBABILITY which employ folkloric themes.

"Fuck Me"
Objekt 5
1992: Ladd-Frith, LF 82 (CD)

Electronic noise, ring-modulated guitar, and 'found sounds' presented over harsh beats.

by Cristiano Carloni and Stefano Franceschetti
1999: Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (cinema, VHS, DVD)

Original music from the stage production appears in this video document.

Issue 2

1993: TGP (VHS)

Features video from the Mantle installation.