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strawberry | strawberry

"Retro sci-fi noises, fat leads, ethereal textures, vocoderizing, and searing riffs help Strawberry walk the appealing middle ground between self-serious art-rock and bubblegum pop with aplomb." (Keyboard Magazine)

2002: Taigkyo, TK34190 (CD)
  1. Solid Brown Intro
  2. You've Got A Way
  3. Love Suprieze
  4. Ruminations Level 5: I Am Gold
  5. Strawberry Planet
  6. Jass Me
  7. Little One
  8. Princess
  9. Knight of the Harness
  10. In the Shoe Garden
  11. Into the Mouths of Babes
  12. When You Came
  13. See You Tonight