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orbitronik | orbitronik

"Luxuriously textured, the beats are 'phat,' and it's got lots of funk. The bass will touch you all the way to your gizzard, and the organic quality of this electronica is breathtaking. Rarely does one hear electronic music sound this crisp, and yet this, well, wet. You can just hear the beats go 'sploosh' as they land." (Flipside Magazine)

1998: World Domination, WDM 10079-2 (CD + digi)
  1. Orbitronik
  2. Freedom Machine 2000
  3. The Hills
  4. Get Carter
  5. Monster Minute
  6. Orbisexxxual
  7. Naked Solution
  8. Elephant Eats Boy
  9. Orbitronik Manifesto
  10. Cosmik Dilemma
  11. My Computer My Stereo
  12. The Watchman
  13. Holding The Wheel (777)
  14. Star Song
  15. (bonus track)