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orbitronik | my computer my stereo

"Members of Blackhouse and Lilith throw down crisp, Electro-influenced Techno swathed in unsettling darkness. Interludes of digital clicks 'n' buzzes disrupt the surface sheen, allowing the gritty underlayers of sound to show through..." (Listen)

1999: Thousand (CD)
  1. (hidden track)
  2. Star (Version 2.0)
  3. Computer (Dub Sound System)
  4. Sizably Bent Spiritualist
  5. (You're So) Anxious (For My Astrological Luv)
  6. Spreading the Virus of Conversation
  7. Anti-Neural Suite
  8. Granul Plastique
  9. Particularly Consortium
  10. Unplugged (eXTraCt)
  11. Bigfoot Discovered (Deep Space Version)
  12. (bonus track)