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nipple runs

Each unit was assembled by hand and, during the duplication, changes were frequently made. From the first to the final copy, there were so many revisions that the tracklisting was completely different. The details below are from one of the early revisions.

1987: self-released (ltd ed 50 cass with elaborate packaging)
Re-released on White Noise: 1988 (WNCS 01)
Re-released on Le Gros Bit Ici: 1993

side 1
  1. olala
  2. tearing down the curtain
  3. avidya
  4. (creatures of late night television)
  5. my mistake
  6. nocturnal tinnitus
  7. telly savalas w/ gaa gaa clump
side 2
  1. lesser gods (bedtime fix)
  2. olala (i been in this storm too long)
  3. plane frozen in mid-air as human faces drift past windows
  4. screamin bones
  5. vemaria's dream
  6. circles of sanitation