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lilith | imagined compositions for water

"You start to wonder if what you're hearing is the sound of water from an alien perspective, natural tones subjected to interpretive organs which have no correlation to our own eardrum." (Earpollution)

2002: Hushush, HSH13 (CD extra)

  1. Mission Bay, San Diego, California
  2. Mississippi River, St.Louis, Missouri
  3. Minnehaha Waterfall, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  4. Roanoke Sound, Lost Colony, North Carolina
  5. Devil's Millhopper, Gainesville, Florida
  6. Pacific Ocean, San Diego, California
  7. Gulf Of Mexico, Gulfport, Mississippi
  8. Atlantic Ocean, Hatteras Island, North Carolina
  9. Lake Michigan, Evanston, Illinois
CD extra includes video from a performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago