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the nouve | (compilation)

A different mix than appears on the album.

2002: Smoothma, SM007 (CD)

track artist title
01 Shed Shot Return to Prime
02 Luxury Ture Make It Interesting
03 Strawberry Strawberry Planet
04 Skarekraü Radio The Gay Part
05 Reptilica Heron
06 Red Pony Clock Cardboard Key (Part 1) for MLM
07 The Orchards Summerspot
08 Slotracer The Dinosaur Song
09 Tom McTighe Trenchcoat
10 Mouth to Mouth Cryptronic
11 God's Saddest Creation the Operation of a Quiet Day
12 the Plutonium Kidz Binary Blues
13 Rosco Villa Band On a Roll
14 Jason Paul Little Drummer Girl
15 The Potomac Accord Sunset on the Empire
16 Point Judith While He Was Still a Long Way Off