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objekt 666 | (compilation)

1994: Ladd-Frith, LF100 (ltd ed. 666 2xcass in gift box)

track artist title
A1 Lilith Activity Box
A2 Thierry Galai Age Mental
A3 Bucolic B'Lee Dat
A4 Remyl Bosnia
A5 John Trubee & Ugly Janitors Of America Catty Epilogue
B1 Hadley Kahn Criminal Rights
B2 De Fabriek Desert Storm A Go-Go
B3 A Thunder Orchestra Essay 133
B4 Dimosioypalliliko Retire Folk Theatre From Elga / Vargaland (Metazakopouliko)
B5 The Haters Fuchait 9
C1 Beig Sittie Orkssstraug Heart Of Oak
C2 Mandible Chatter Home Is Where I Hang My God
C3 Herd Of Elephant's Philosophy Introduction #1
C4 The Gerogerigegege Kommata Tokiwa Butaga Ojichan / All Night Nippon / Doba Doba Daibakudan
C5 Hands To Prayer
C6 Sandbox Trio Predators
C7 AMK Queer
C8 Psyclones Sadness
D1 Q. R. Ghazala Silence The Tongues Of Prophecy
D2 Vox Populi! Soleymani Dub
D3 Oral Constitution Still Untitled
D4 Perfumed Garden The Nightclash
D5 Crawl Unit Waste Management Theme