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objekt 5 | (compilation)

An out-take from the Mantle sessions; originally recorded by laughingwind. When this compilation was released, all material was being released under the name LILITH to simplify press and promotion efforts.

1992: Ladd-Frith, LF 82 (CD)

track artist title
01 Blackhouse Metal
02 Cyrnai Friction Song-(Mix)
03 De Fabriek Dark Elo Ballad
04 Dive Nightshift
05 In The Distance Speaking In Tongues
06 Lilith Fuck Me
07 Nightmare Lodge Mirage III
08 Psyclones The Final Call
09 Q.R. Ghazala No Control Numbers
10 Ralph Carney Tinklers Tribute
11 The Score Knell
12 T.A.C. il telaio del tempo
13 Haters Proash
14 Vidna Obmana Torch Of Remembrance
15 Vox Populi! pelos largos