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man of sorrows . a sub rosa lexicon | (compilation)

1995: Sub Rosa, SR84 (CD)

track artist title
01 David Shea Screwy Squirrel
02 David Shea Street Noise In Lower East Side New-York City
03 Slash Orchestra Thank You Sweetie
04 David Lynch I Like Absurd Things, Basically
05 X-Legged Sally Still Life With Ray
06 Adult Fantasies Favorite andy
07 Frame Cut Frame Homophobia
08 Ira Cohen Song To Nothing
09 Zahava Seewald Fun Groys Dasad
10 Peter Blegvad & John Greaves The Only Song
11 Blindman Kwartet Poort 9 - Chorus
12 Jardin D'usure Difficulté
13 Lilith Vau - Extract 2
14 Martyn Bates Lean Out Of The Window, Goldenhair
15 Marianne Pousseur Pflaumenbaum
16 Charles Hayward Australia
17 Paul Bowles Here I Am
18 Jean-Luc Fafchamps In Festo Transfigurations Domini Nostri J.C.