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lumptronic 3 | (compilation)

1999: Lumpen Media Group (CD)

track artist title
01 Sons of The Sun You Are Made From One Being the Other One (ANJB3 MIX)
02 Del Rey Vega
03 Emperor Penguin Mood Mound
04 TRS-80 (Nocturnal Emisssion Mix)
05 The Narcoleptic Untitled
06 On Skreen Wet Between My Ears
07 Orbitronik Fly Puzzlehead (Non-Euclidean Mix)
08 K-Rad Smashop
09 Cattivo Gimmee Baby
10 Flexible Products Can We Save
11 Mekons Flip Flop Mating
12 Les Sensualists Hello Mello
13 Pulse Programming Burdon
14 The Yacht Club Bluescreen
15 Unisphere This Place Has No Window