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lumptronic | (compilation)

1997: Lumpen Media Group (CD + w/ ltd ed canister)

track artist title
01 Anthony Illarde Who Minds A Minute
02 Aquatron Eeeprom Ack
03 Bill Ding When You're Vulnerable
04 Cattivo Dehli Tray
05 Cattivo Cat Fire
06 Designer EXA 1B
07 Dj 3d Step To Me (V.I.P. Remix)
08 DJ Hunter A.D. Midnight Thug
09 DJ Snuggles Rebuke Dem (94 mix)
10 The Exploder And Mob Boss E+M/B.061
11 Flexible Products Funky Clavi
13 Le Deuce Backtrack Fwd
14 Madelines Draped In V (R2)
15 Orbitronik 2000 Machine
16 Vector Research Encyclopedia Satanica
17 Zeek Sheck Burnt