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into topological space | (compilation)

1996: World Domination, WDM 0042-2 (CDx2)

track artist title
CD1-01 Perfume Tree My Worst Friend (Flight Path Mix)
CD1-02 Globo Truly Independent (Jack Dangers Mix)
CD1-03 Loveflag The Queen Of People's Hearts
CD1-04 White Girl Move Into The Positive
CD1-05 Lift Laboratories Sub-Zero (70% Mix)
CD1-06 Shriekback Terribly Swollen
CD1-07 Shriekback The Bastard Sons Of Enoch (Enochian Operation)
CD1-08 Orbitronik Freedom Machine 2000
CD1-09 White Girl Move Into The Positive (Reprise)
CD1-10 Loop Guru Soulus (Submarine Variation #2)
CD2-01 Sky Cries Mary Every Iceberg Is Afire (Steve Hillage 12" Mix)
CD2-02 Sky Cries Mary The Movement Of Water
CD2-03 Sky Cries Mary Death Of A Star