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experience the NOW sound of chicago's HOT wicker park | (compilation)

1994: Terminus Projects Group (CD)

track artist title
01 Carnival De Carnitas Intro
02 Jaks Merrily The Gore
03 Jovan D. Mihailovic Don't Forget Me
04 Telepath Communication
05 Matt Faunce Adagio For Guitar
06 Swollen Spleens The Ballad Of Jim Jebadyha Brown
07 Stamen Too Bad
08 Worm Wood DeGauss Ballerina
09 Skarekraüradio MAR JAR Sigmund Sue
10 Carnival De Carnitas Sink
11 Bill Close, Bill Wallace Pulse Width
12 Yves Francois Smierciak And The Delegation Kendra
13 Dylan Posa Her Teethe In The Index
14 Carnival De Carnitas Edelweiss
15 Drag King Raw Meal
16 Carnival De Carnitas Breathe
17 Bill Close And Monty McCollum The Calling
18 Maya Truckload Of Departure
19 Lilith Activity Box
20 Body Bag Ghastly Slayings
21 Carnival De Carnitas Shear
22 The Flying Luttenbachers Clammer And Sprint (93B)
23 AOR Transmission