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eat yer greens | (compilation)

Recorded by Strawberry for the Sickness In the City video series, in which they appeared under the name MITEY HEAD.

1993: Boogers Records (LP / green vinyl)

track artist title
A01 V.O.M.I.T. Drugs Drugs Drugs
A02 Cake Creepy Organs
A03 Mitey Head (aka Strawberry) Jesus Got Paid
A04 Mark Chapman Experience Candy Man
A05 EKRU Rock N' Roll and Drugs
A06 Jethro Nightmare of Darkness
A07 Carbolic Enema Sex Kills
B01 Chocolate Piledriver Really Miss My Girl
B02 V.O.M.I.T. the Stick
B03 Touch Pong No I.D. No Beer
B04 DJ Strychnine Rat Colon Tumor
B05 Carbolic Enema Spell